We are an offline introductions agency, where we co-create loving relationships that last.

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Our mission is to help you fill the gap of the relationship you’re missing in your life. 

Why Slowly?
Because it’s the perfect little answer to most of the really important questions in life.

Master program

One full year with us, where we work side by side with you to find you your perfect match.
20 000 EUR (EX VAT)

Tailored program

If you have a special request, please feel free to reach out.
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Slow dating feels like a sweet tonic for your whole being.
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What is slow dating?

Slow dating is a relatively new philosophy, stemming out of swipe fatigue and the need for something more fulfilling. Doing things slower gives you a higher return on investment.

Yes, it’s slightly counter intuitive. But we’ve found that if we slow down and focus on ourselves, on one person and a potential partner (instead of fifteen), the success rate becomes laughably higher.
We believe in dating with more intention, with less stress and fewer check-lists.

If you join us, "ASAP" will have a new meaning in your life: As Slowly As Possible.

This is not only core in our ethos, it’s also been proven by science.

But how does it work?

Much like other forms of headhunting, matchmaking should always start with us getting to know you. If we don't know you through and through, we won't be able to find great matches for you.

Therefore we start our process with an in depth interview (everything we do is strictly confidential).
We map who you are, your desires, likes, values and many many other things that are crucial for the process.

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The process of meeting your true match needs to be as
slow and beautiful as a summers day
Photo by erik nylander